RHS Drama Students Receive Superior Performer Award


On Monday, Jan. 22, the RHS drama cast performed their one act play at the school for grades 7-12 during the afternoon and then again at night for family and community members.
The name of the play was “The Script.” The cast included Amiya White, Adrianna Willett, Chace Haar, Summit Sjurseth, Aly Gruenwald and Amelia Sjurseth, Emma Fugman, JaLia Miles and Landon Willett served as backstage helpers.   Mrs. Tabitha Unruh directed the play.
On Jan. 23 the cast headed to Aberdeen to perform at the region one act play contest against four other schools in the area: Milbank, Deuel, Roncalli and Great Plains Lutheran.

Milbank and Roncalli were chosen to move on to the state competition.

Although Redfield didn’t advance to state, two of the members earned a Superior performer award; these members were Aly Gruenwald and Amelia Sjurseth. “Throughout the play, I had the chance to bond with the other cast members all while improving our acting skills. Even through all of the scheduling conflicts, we were still able to make it work, which made the end result worth it. It was really cool to get the chance to perform our play three times, and I can’t wait for the next Redfield play,” Amelia Sjurseth said.

Chace Harr shared his favorite moment: “My favorite memory from the play was when I had to get on my knees and worship the script because it made everyone laugh. One of the reasons I joined the plays was to have fun and make everyone laugh because it’s nice to know that they are having a good time watching the plays.”