Nutrition Mission


The Redfield Lions’ Club in conjunction with the Redfield Public School has provided a nutrition program for the past 8 years. This program is called NUTRITION MISSION and provides nourishment for K-5 children in need.
The food is given to the students for weekends. The need is determined by parent requests and staff recommendations.
This program provides support by sending home supplemental food for 60 students each week. It is an opportunity for the school and community to work together toward a common goal of helping others.

Every other week, a few employees from grocery store deliver pallets of food to the school. Later, a group of volunteers gathers to set up the assembly line. They spend the next hour bonding as they bag 120 bags of groceries to go home with 60 of our students.
On Fridays, a few staff members caravan wagonloads of the bags to classrooms and they are sent home with students.
The bag of food will vary slightly from week to week. It contains 10-13 each week, with 2 pieces of fruit donated by the Redfield Food Center. Other items could be cereal; a can of ravioli or something similar; a can of vegetables; macaroni and cheese; a granola-type bar; a cup of applesauce; fruit juice; popcorn; or oatmeal.

This program is a labor of love, providing support for families. If you or someone you know could use a helping hand or would like to volunteer, please reach out to Mrs. Hansen at the school 605-472-4520.