LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thoughts on the EMS building


I want to express my thoughts on the EMS building. I appreciate those that give their time to the Spink County Ambulance. I also appreciate the fire department and law enforcement.
Back to my thoughts. I attended the town hall meeting in early August to see what the proposed building was about. My understanding from that meeting was that the building would provide a location for the three ambulances operated by the Spink County Ambulance, training space, quarters for those that are from out of town when on-call, storage for supplies and completion of paperwork.

Originally, it was thought that the building would cost $900,000 but with revisions now between $400,000 and $500,000. Sounds like a lot of money, but when you think about that, the whole county is covered by their service. I understood that they respond to around 500 calls a year. I understood that the hospital and Redfield City are on board with the plan and will commit money to the project but the county is concerned with the cost, which would be 1/3 of the total cost, again remember that the ambulance covers the whole county and not just the Redfield area. We are fortunate to have an updated medical facility, fire hall and soon law enforcement center that provide services to Redfield and Spink County as a whole whether that is on a daily basis or emergency. Isn’t it time to do the same for the Spink County Ambulance? Are dollars being placed more important than lives?

Patrice Wilson