The past week once again proves that there is never a dull moment at the Eastern Star Home!  Celebrations, fundraisers, animals, music, amazing food and treats continue to keep life lively and interesting for our residents, staff and visitors.  We are always grateful to all to help in any way to make this possible.

We began our excitement on Monday with Joan Crook’s Birthday Party with many friends and relatives in attendance to join in her special day.  She chose Root Beer Floats to be served to her guests.
Wayne Nelson was the special guest for our Men’s Table Time on Tuesday afternoon. Following their coffee gathering we all joined together in the nursing home dining room for an hour of Bingo with Marsha Hofer as the caller.
The Eastern Star Home was pleased to host the Wednesday afternoon Farwell Open House for our dear friend Ray Ernster.  He was overwhelmed by the huge turnout for his special celebration.  Ray entertained us with some piano music and words of thanks to all who attended.  It was a great time of food and fellowship prior to Ray’s upcoming new chapter in Dodge City, Iowa.
Our Thursday began with our Annual Eastern Star Home Rummage Sale in the west parking lot.  We received an overwhelming amount of donations for our most successful fundraiser for the Whirlpool Renovation Fund.  Thursday afternoon as the rummage continued we gathered together on the front patio for a wonderful Petting Zoo.  The Jolly Buffalo Workers 4-H Club provided goats, sheep and roosters and told our residents and Deb Dickhaut’s Daycare Kids about themselves and their animals.  Certified Nurse Aide Teresa Browne and her grandkids brought 3 dogs, a hedgehog, a spiked dragon and their pet turtle for our enjoyment.  Four-year-old Cael Jessen was so cute as he shared his sheep “Donut” with us.  Sheila Appel and her daughter brought 4 baby gerbils for us to admire.  What a fun time we had with special thanks to our neighbor Carol Otto for making our Snow Cones.
Card Bingo with Marsha was our activity on Friday afternoon.  Kayla Haigh was our Saturday afternoon Bingo Caller and Group Exercise Leader.  Movie Night on Saturday found a nice group gathering together for this event.
This afternoon we look forward to special music provided by the Frankfort Trio following the highlights of the REDFIELD PRESS.  The Gilbert Gals have some fun craft projects planned for us on Thursday afternoon as we prepare for our Grand Chapter Craft Table in October.  We will relax and enjoy being pampered with Fancy Fingers on Friday afternoon.  We would like to remind everyone to check out all our pictures on the Eastern Star Home FACEBOOK page.  We would love it if you would LIKE our page!