Tornado touchdown confirmed in Spink County on Tuesday evening

Tornado touchdown confirmed in Spink County on Tuesday evening

By Shiloh Appel

The tornado alarms were wailing in Spink County Tuesday evening as a dark thunderstorm, strong winds and pelting rain arrived in Redfield. However, the tornado touchdown did not enter the city of Redfield. According to the Aberdeen National Weather Service, the tornado touched down 5.5 miles south southwest of Tulare, was rated an EF1 and was on the ground for 2.9 miles.

The weather report states that the tornado uprooted a large cottonwood tree in a field and passed over a pasture and cropland before reaching a residence approximately three miles southwest of Tulare. This residence is the home of Tyler Jungwirth.

"Large tree branches were broken around the farm yard. On the north side of the farm an outbuilding had significant structural and roof damage with tin from this building lofted .6 miles to the north. Additionally, two trees were uprooted along the north edge of the property,"  stated weather meteorologist, Kelly Serr, in the report.  "The tornado track continued through a soybean field with slight crop damage and debris evident along the path. About 2.8 miles southwest of Tulare an irrigation unit was toppled and the corn crop was leveled with a convergent wind pattern very obvious."

Family and friends of the Jungwirths spent two days cleaning up the farm yard, according to Jodi Jungwirth, Tyler Jungwirth's mother. The tornado itself created the path of destruction in only 11 minutes, beginning at 7:46p.m. and ending at 7:57p.m. Despite the property damage, no injuries to people or animals were reported.

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