Terry's building now 'Diamond T Bar and Steakhouse'

Tyrel Telkamp

Terry's building now 'Diamond T Bar and Steakhouse'
By Shiloh Appel
The former Terry's Bar and Steakhouse building located at 616 North Main Street in Redfield has been sold to new owner, Tyrel Telkamp. The building's new name is the "Diamond T Bar and Steakhouse" and its official grand opening will be on Friday, Nov.16th. The bar and steakhouse will be open from 7a.m. to 2a.m. daily, according to Telkamp. Happy hour will be from 5 to 7p.m. on the bar side of Diamond T. Telkamp will be offering lunch and supper meals including steak, chislic, chicken and burgers and dinner specials such as roast beef or fried chicken and potatoes.
Telkamp will also have darts and youth darts, a jukebox and video lottery. He is considering including arcade games in the future as well. Telkamp is planning to have 8 to 10 local employees and is currently seeking to hire about two more. He is also hoping to offer takeout and delivery in the future if possible.
The Diamond T Bar and Steakhouse can be contacted at 302-0160.


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