Syringe used for Methamphetamine found by Redfield School

Syringe used for Methamphetamine
Found by Redfield School
By: Kayla Understock

    On October 23, 2018 during a school activity, a volleyball game to be exact, a student came across a syringe lying on the ground by Redfield School’s gravel parking lot. The student reported it to the administration on duty, whom then called the police. “The student who found it did a great job,” said Mr. Storley, Superintendent of Redfield School.

    When deputies arrived, they took possession of the syringe that later tested positive for Methamphetamine. When I spoke with Sherriff Kevin Schurch, he stated that this was still an ongoing investigation so he was unable to comment on any details regarding the case. He did however respond to the dangers of the syringe by stating that any time someone comes into contact with an uncapped needle they are subjected to transmission of disease. As far as the illegal substance in it, it possesses a danger to anyone whom may come into contact with it.  

School Administration was hoping to find any type of lead to give to the police as to where this syringe came from however, when looking at their camera footage, it didn’t reach to the location the syringe was found.  Mr. Storely said, “It takes a village in raising our kids and they’re our most prized possession. If you have any information report it to faculty and police. If people see something, say something. The little things that are out of the ordinary can actually be a big thing even if we don’t realize it.”

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