Spink County POD team prepares to administer flu shots and COVID vaccine if it becomes available

Spink County POD team prepares to administer flu shots and COVID vaccine if it becomes available

Staff report

The Spink County POD (Point of Dispensing) team met via Zoom on Wednesday, August 5th, at 1p.m. with Rob Eggers, Barb Abeln, Daryl Schutte, Larry Tebben, Frank Schwartz, Twyla Eggers, Debra Sanger, Julia Johnson, Jaime Mogen, Todd Schwartz, Amy Rothacker, Shane Wright, Frank Krumm, Deanna Wollman, Heidi Appel, and JoAnn Paulson in attendance.

On April 4th, 700 flu vaccine child doses were ordered and 50 adult doses were ordered in preparation for the annual Point of Dispensing exercise date which has been set for Oct.28th, 2020.

During the August meeting, it was discussed that JoAnn Paulson had connected with Mr.Seiler at the Redfield Public School regarding the timeline for the exercise. Seiler agreed to have the school open for the exercise with limitations to specific areas and only one entry/exit point. During the 2017 exercise, vaccinations were given at the Armory beginning at 8:30a.m. and were finished at noon. If the same timeline is used, 10-12 vaccinators will be needed this year, and approximately the same number of data entry volunteers.

During the August 5th meeting, the doses were also reviewed. The team decided to move forward with the original plan for the exercise date. The team is preparing to administer both flu vaccines and a COVID19 vaccine, if it becomes available. A similar method of dispensation would be used as in 2009, when both a seasonal flu vaccine and H1N1 vaccine were given at the POD exercise.

During the meeting, SDDC’s surveillance testing was also discussed. SDDC went through three weeks of COVID-19 surveillance testing, and all tests came out negative. Mass testing was also held on June 9th and 18th, all of which also tested negative.

The next POD meeting will be on September 2nd at 1p.m.


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