Spink County hazard exercise held

Photo by Deb Leesch Above, Spink County first responders attend to a victim of a mock chemical spill during their 2021 hazard exercise last week.

On Thursday August 12 Spink County emergency responders participated in a chemical hazard exercise. The scenario was of a chemical spill with physical exposure to the chemical. Responders had to identify a possible hazmat situation, create a perimeter, identify the chemical, find out how to decontaminate the chemical, get victim 1 out of the chemically contaminated area, decontaminate (decon) the victim and then transport the victim to the hospital. As this was happening the reporting party (victim 2) arrived at CMH which triggered the hospitals hazmat procedures. While all of this was going on members of Spink County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC)were making environmental cleanup plans and putting out a press release to the media. A lot of activity for one chemical spill.

On the whole all first responders did an excellent job in completing the exercise objectives. As with any exercise, response issues did come up and through training and adjustments to response plans these small discrepancies will be addressed.

Participants in the exercise were: Redfield Rural and City Fire, Spink County Sheriff, Spink County 911, Spink County Ambulance, and personnel from CMH. Performing EOC tasks were Steve Wollman as Public Information Officer and Larry Tebben, Emergency Management.



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