Redfield to host first Farmer's Market

Redfield to host first Farmer's Market
By Shiloh Appel
Dreamy crimson, gold and amber leaves falling from trees, cozy sweaters and comfort foods are all part of the Fall ideal as August gives way to September and children get ready for school. However, something new will also be unfolding this Fall in Redfield. September 2018 will be the dawn of Redfield's very first Farmer's Market.
"Somehow I got roped into being the head of the operation, and with the help of Brenda Stover, we have decided to put it together," said Gianna Lantero, who has taken Lisa Zens' place as the new director of Grow Spink. Lantero said that the idea to start a Redfield Farmer's Market was born during a Community Activities Empower meeting.
"Everybody agreed it would be a great event for Redfield," said Lantero.
The Farmer's Market will be held in the parking lot behind the Redfield Armory every Thursday in September from 5p.m. to 8p.m.
"Right now, we are working on getting some more vendors and getting the word out there," said Lantero.
So far, eight vendors have "signed up." Lantero said there is no official registration and no fee for vendors. Vendors just need to let her or Stover know that they plan to be there, and what they will be selling.
"Right now there is no limit on how many vendors. We are trying to keep it along the lines of a traditional Farmer's Market so… handmade items, canned goods and things like that," said Lantero."Everyone is welcome to check us out and ask questions."
Heidi Appel will also be lending tables from the Armory for vendors to use for their displays. Vendors will not be obligated to attend all four Thursdays in September.
"Obviously, just let me know which ones you think you will be at," said Lantero.
Some of the products that will be offered so far include canned goods, homemade soaps, crafts, pot pies, cheeses, pickles, breads and jams.
For more information, contact Gianna Lantero at 605-680-4929 and "like" the Redfield Farmer's Market on Facebook where regular updates will be posted.


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