Redfield City Hall water pipe breaks during polar vortex

Above, construction workers block off a section of 7th Avenue in front of City Hall in order to dig through the road and reach a leaky water pipe on Friday, February 1st.

Redfield City Hall water pipe breaks during 'polar vortex'

By Shiloh Appel
On Wednesday, January 30th, while temperatures dropped to 31 below zero in Redfield and the polar vortex swept over the Midwest, a main water pipe for the Redfield City Hall began to leak underground.
According to City Finance Officer, Adam Hansen, the leak was not caused by a frozen pipe. The pipe simply failed.
From Wednesday, January 30th through Friday, February 1st, Redfield City Hall was without water as Heartland, Odland Construction, Kimlicka Construction and the City of Redfield crew worked on fixing the problem.
"We had to heat up the ground to get to it because of all the frost," said Hansen, who joked that they were digging a hole to China on Friday afternoon as construction workers tore a hole in the middle of 7th Avenue. The drilling of metal into asphalt could be felt across the street as storefront window panes rattled.
As of Friday, Feb.1st, Hansen said they hoped to have the repairs made by the end of the day.


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