Lincoln Day Dinner Held in Redfield

Above, Larry Rhoden.

  On Friday evening, April 29th, 2022, the annual Spink County Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner was held at Rooster’s Bar and Grill in Redfield. The Spink County Republican officers who organized the event included chairman Larry Nielson of Tulare, Vice-Chairman and secretary/treasurer Jennifer Boerger of Tulare, committeeman Rick Skorupski of Frankfort, and committeewoman Julia Ratushny of Frankfort.

Local and state representatives spoke at the dinner, including both incumbent Spink County Sheriff, Frank Krumm, and challenger Isaac Appel. Marty Jackley, who is running for the attorney general position in the wake of Ravnsborg’s impeachment, also spoke; as well as Taffy Howard (for Congress); Chris Nelson (for the PUC); Monae Johnson (for Secretary of State); David Wheeler (for State Senate - District 22); Bruce Whalen (for U.S. Senate); a representative for John Thune (for U.S. Senate); Larry Rhoden (for re-election as Lieutenant Governor) and more.

As each representative spoke on their own behalf, Lincoln Day Dinner attendees enjoyed steak with bread and baked potatoes and registered for silent auction items.

The 2022 elections taking place in Spink County and the State of South Dakota (primary election on June 7th and general election on November 8th, 2022) will be for Governor, US Senate, US House of Representative, State Senate, State Representative, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, State Treasurer, Commissioner of School and Public Lands, County Auditor, County Commissioner (Districts 1,3 and 5),  Precinct Committeeman, Precinct Committeewoman, Register of Deeds, Sheriff, and Coroner.


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