LETTER TO THE EDITOR: On transgender rule in SD

   So the South Dakota Senate Education Committee recently voted to let transgender students play on the athletic team that matches their gender identity.  If only they had some logical arguments to back them up.  But they don't.
     Some thoughts on LGBT issues in general which should be considered as you think about this issue: It's fairly obvious that female minds in male bodies and male minds in female bodies and homosexual minds in heterosexual bodies are sure signs that something went wrong somewhere (in nature and/or nurture), are sure signs of mind/body mismatches or disorders.  So, to put transgenders and heterophobic homosexuals on the same level as normal heterosexuals is absurd. No rational person can deny that.
     This was the commonsense position of the American Psychiatric Association for years before it became corrupted by irrational, ever-so-trendy "political correctness."
     Those who value science, logic, and natural law know there are only two human genders: heterosexual males and heterosexual females.  There are, on the other hand, all kinds of sexual or gender identity disorders. 
     And what is the rational thing to do with physical and psychological disorders? We try to fix them, if possible. But even if we can't fix certain disorders (e.g., we may not have enough knowledge yet), rational people do not deny reality and maintain they are NOT disorders, which is exactly what pro-homosexual and pro-transgender people are doing.  Pro-LGBT people are letting disordered feelings trump science, logic, and natural law.  Beam me up, Scottie!
     Wayne Lela