Letter to the Editor: In response to Keith Steva's letter

Letter to the Editor:
   In response to Keith Steva’s letter to the editor in the October 31’st issue "Please explain to me."
You say we lost China's trust. Oh shucky darn! We've lost their soybean markets for at least generations. How do you know this? Where's your documentation?
I say empty talk! You say huge tax cuts for the wealthy. Fair enough. What about the middle class? Are you saying they didn't get nothing? Why should we pay tariffs approximately 10 times what they do? Talk about being sold down the river. By both sides. Please explain.
Folks. In 1968 the population of Detroit City was around 2 million people. Now its close to 800,000. Ask yourselves — where do you think them jobs went to? That's right. Across the pond. And we can get them back, if we don't listen to poor, misguided fools!
As far as some of these other countries: they can't eat that sand and they can't drink that oil. We have the groceries. We have the power! And it's time we started using it. This time in our best interest.
I would think any fair minded person would have to admit there is a certain percentage in every population that doesn't want an administration that creates jobs because then they might actually have to go get one. Ever wonder why in the middle of a work day, you hardly ever see most hard working Americans at a protest or rally? Probably because they're working!
Hey, I know! Maybe we could vote in Kaper***k for president and we can all live in a perfect little world where there's nothing to protest.
All these TV people that were gonna leave if Trump got in for president, what are you still doing here? We've got people beating down the back door to get here. So LEAVE! Make room!
All you have in common in this country where you say you're oppressed and have no opportunity is that you're all rich. That's like complaining about farmers with your mouth full. Please explain! REALLY!
Do you hate Trump more than you love your country? Many of us couldn't stand Obama, but we honored the election. And we didn't tell our young to go burning buildings and tipping over cars.
This is exactly what America is NOT about.
— Gene Samelson
Redfield, SD