Highway Patrolmen clean ditches near Fisher Grove

If you want to get the phone ringing at the local newspaper just park five SD Highway Patrol cars off the Highway by the local State Park. That is what happened last Wednesday. When I got to the Fisher’s Grove Country Club driveway I saw the patrol cars but no officers anywhere in sight. I was informed by Chuck Halbert, grounds keeper at FGCC, that there were eight state troopers walking the ditches picking up trash. So FGCC loaded up a cooler with bottled water and ice for some of South Dakota’s finest as they walked from Fisher's Grove entrance East to Frankfort and then crossed Highway 212 and walked all the way back. Close to four miles in 90-plus degree heat all the time carrying large bags of garbage. One of the troopers stated there was not as much garbage in the ditches as they thought there would be, but another trooper quickly added that the majority of the garbage was beer cans, which was a concern to them. The next time you see a trooper or one of our local law enforcement officers, thank them for job they do. They deserve it and rarely hear it.


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