Here Comes The BOOM !!!


New stadium lighting at Pheasant football field.

When the Redfield football field turns on its lights for the first home football game this year, the sky will even light up.

Jessen Heating, Refrigeration Inc., and Electric took on the job of replacing the poles and lighting at the field this summer and worked to ensure the job was completed before the football season began. It took them 8 days to complete the project with consideration of a few windy days in that time.

To take on a project like this, Jessens first needed to meet with the school board and then put together a lighting quote. The school board was unsure of how old the existing poles were and had decided to also replace them. Jessens revamped their quote including the addition of new poles.

Once ensured the project was theirs to be completed, Jessens started making sure of the availability of all the materials they needed, and since they wanted the job completed before the season began, they had set a dead line for themselves for completion.

Once all the materials had arrived, the project was in full swing. All the power was stripped from the old lighting on the existing poles. The old poles came out and setting the new poles began.

With recommendations, Jessens went with the birch poles. Birch is straighter and more wind friendly. The new poles are a Class 2, 70ft. Birch.

Each pole needed to be placed 9ft. into the ground. To accomplish this Jessens used their Digger Derrick Truck, which is capable of moving and handling poles.

The existing lighting was 1500 Watt Cortz light and each pole had 16 per pole. The new lighting is 600 Watt, Sparta Sports Lighting, and each pole had 18 per pole.

When visiting with Ethan Jessen,I also asked him if

there will be better efficiency of the new lighting, he stated “ Yes, the new lighting will use 1/3 of what they use to and the cost will diminish immensely”.

Jessens had a 5-man crew on sight as well as their behind the scenes crew to help complete the lighting project and each one crucial to the completing this project.

I asked Ethan how he felt about working on this big project in his hometown he stated, “ It was a great feeling and a huge incentive to work on the football field. I hope the players and community enjoys the new lighting for many years to come.”