Former Redfield resident to release second novel

 Former Redfield resident, Derek E. Keeling, will release a novel that’s loosely based on a failed survival trip to Hawaii. Following is a synopsis of the story:
What was lost has been found
For Damon, his grand adventure is being alone on an island. His plan was simple: fly to a deserted island for a month, hone his survival skills, and return home. Unfortunately, on the way, his plane crashes and leaves him alone on an island with no chance of help or rescue. Damon must use his skills to survive, but something watching him from the jungle’s edge seems to enjoy his failures. Damon’s fight for survival doesn’t come easy in this action-packed adventure that will leave you breathless. With twists and turns that will keep you guessing, take a trip with Damon to a ruthless place where life struggles to survive and eyes stalk your every move. Will Damon adapt? Or will the unknown entity in the jungle become his biggest threat?
Author Derek E. Keeling’s upcoming novel, Nomad’s Island, is loosely based on a trip the author took to Hawaii in 2007. Keeling’s goal was to live in the jungle, survive off the land, and hunt wild boars. Unfortunately, the trip ended due to extenuating factors. Keeling’s novel is based on the idea of someone wanting to survive alone in a controlled environment, only to be forced to survive without a safety net. The novel takes a sharp turn when the main character learns that he’s not alone.
Nomad’s Island has action, adventure, mystery, suspense, horror, and even romance. Keeling’s novel will keep readers palms sweating as they uncover the truth about Nomad’s Island. Sometimes, however, the truth can be difficult to accept. Nomad’s Island will be released on March 2, 2019.
“I’m very proud of how this story turned out. Unfortunately for the reader, they’ll never expect the way this one unfolds. Just when they think they have it figured out, the knife will twist a little deeper in their mind.” – Derek E. Keeling.

Derek E. Keeling is an award-winning journalist, author, content writer, and social media coordinator. He began his love of writing as a young teen and it has since flourished into a profound passion. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, and more. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter.

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