Eastern Star Home and Star Court Suites news

The Eastern Star Home and Star Court Suites was gifted with many items on our wish list from Star Chapters across South Dakota that attended the Grand Chapter 2018 Session. Some of the items were glue sticks, playing cards, blank cards, wash clothes, Halloween candy, markers,  bingo prizes and clear Christmas lights. A huge thank you for these generous donations that will be put to good use.

Carol Carlson helped us decorate pumpkins Thursday and brought spooky ghost and witch hat snacks made by the Gilbert Gals. It was fun to see all the creative ideas the residents came up with for their unique pumpkin. Friday afternoon we watched the Terry Redlin DVD’s of the series of eight “America the Beautiful” paintings and the “American Portrait”. Like all of Terry Redlin’s art, these are a visual account of his distinctive world view. It flows from the deep within the artist and represents on man’s tribute to ideas and values that continue to resonate clearly for  so many Americans. They are a tribute to America. It was his way of honoring Servicemen and  Servicewomen, Veterans, and the families who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Bingo, exercises and the evening movie “Patch Adams” filled our Saturday, and Pastor Tammy Toepke Floyd lead our Sunday afternoon Worship Service.

This week we relaxed with arm chair yoga, artistic touch and bingo. Today we will join together for a sing along of our favorites. Our minds will be working the rest of the week with brain  teasers, trivia and Kings in the Corner. Join us Monday, October 29th for Leroy Stapp’s Birthday Party with his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and ice cream.

Don’t forget to come see our “Haunted Hallway” on Halloween from 4:00pm to 7:00pm for some spooky treats. Check us out on facebook at Eastern Star Home for more details.

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