Eastern Star Home and Star Court Suite News

Eastern Star Home and Star Court Suites News

Our Haunted Hallway was lined with dressed up residents holding buckets full of Halloween treats for the 466 kids and 253 adults that came Halloween Night.  That completed our full day after visits from Head Start, Day Cares, 1st Graders from the Redfield Public School, a Pumpkin Contest and Halloween Happy Hour.  There was fun for all ages babies to 103 year olds.  And I should mention we all slept well that night.
   The Pumpkin Contest winners were Anna Rohrbach 1st, Kayla Haigh 2nd in the adult category and Jadie Turner 1st, Briella Rorhbach 2nd, Jadie Turner 3rd in the kid category.  Thank you for your entries they were outstanding.
   Thursday we listened to the Congregational Church Sunday Worship Service on DVD they had special music on the harp by Naomi Hull a grand daughter to our resident Nadine Hull.  While we listened to the DVD we got our nails trimmed and polished for fancy fingers.   Friday we had Carol Otto and Lisa Haigh each at a tables keeping score for some hot games of dominos.  Saturday we had bingo and exercises.  The month of November we will be watching one of our favorite actresses Julia Roberts every Saturday Night.  We start with "Pretty Women" this week and next week will be "Notting Hill".  Pastor Brian Wasmoen lead our Sunday afternoon Worship Service and served communion.
   To keep everyone healthy all employees and residents received their flu vaccines.  So a little pampering during fancy feet was in order.   The visiting, wine, snacks and foot massages is definitely a favorite activity so many enjoy.  Thank you Lyn Flint for coming and helping us.
   Thursday, November 8th we will travel to Yellow Knife, Canada with a special guest.  There will be a power point presentation and foods from that neck of the woods.   Friday we will discuss November Trivia along with thanks and gratitude.  Pastor Marty Toepke Floyd will lead our Sunday Worship Service.  On Veteran’s Day we will watch the DVD “Thank You America”, a musical tribute to American People who proudly serve.
    Join us today for Duane Mason’s birthday party at 3:00pm and Bonita Wurz’s birthday party on Tuesday, November 13th at 3:00pm.  Don’t forget to check out all our fun venders at our Vender Fair on November 15th from 10am to 4pm in the Masonic Building.   Hope to see you there. 

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