Doland News

I know we are in the middle of November. I know we are in South Dakota. I just think that the cold weather came faster than I cared for. I keep telling myself, "This is not cold. This is NOT cold. It will get colder yet. The cold is yet to come." But I am still not ready for the cold. I never am! I don't mind winter, but I sure don't like the cold. I will just have to bundle up better--in layers.
Thursday through Saturday will be the State Volleyball Tournaments in Sioux Falls. Friday will be a teacher in--service and student tutoring in Doland. Can you believe the following week on Wednesday the 21st of November, classes will be shortened due to Thanksgiving.
Saturday, November 17th is opening deer season for the East River Season. Be watchful of the hunters. If you are a hunter, follow the laws. Good luck to all the hunters!!!