Deputies deliver stuffed animals to Family Crisis Center

Left to right: Spink County Deputy Dave Syverson; Janelle Fortin, Director of the Family Crisis Center; and Spink County Sargent Jenna Appel.

Deputy Dave Syverson and Sargent Jenna Appel presented the Family Crisis Center with eleven pairs of Police Dog and Firefighter Dalmation stuffed animals for the children of domestic abuse and violence.  This was a project that the graduating class of the Law Enforcement Training Center in Pierre did to make life a little gentler on the children involved in these situations.  The stuffed animals were ordered online and are being distributed to all the shelters across South Dakota.   The Law Enforcement class shown graduated on May 28, 2021.  Deputy Dave Syverson joined the Spink County Sheriff's Office crew on January 19th.  He looks forward to serving the people of Spink County.  

Law Enforcement is one of the many agencies the Family Crisis Center works with during and throughout domestic situations.  

Family Crisis Center advocates work with other agencies to accompany victims to the hospital when receiving treatment for injuries or sexual assault, obtain protection orders, attend court with them, find them jobs, and housing to work towards independent living.  A Shelter Safe House is located in Redfield that houses seven beds for up to ten crisis victims.  They can be reached on the crisis hotline at 605-472-0508.



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