Community improvement ideas shared at first public Focus Group held in Redfield

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The first public Focus Group discussion, designed to bring focus to the priorities and needs of Redfield and the Redfield area, was held in Redfield at Leo's Good Food on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. The discussion was led by Kristi Wagner of Whitewood, South Dakota. Wagner will be serving as the Redfield Area community coach for two years as the Redfield area launches into a community improvement process.

"I will be teaching and engaging people in your community to do things and practice what we do. The second year I will start to back out and let the community continue on with these discussions," said Wagner. "I teach the community how to engage the community."

Twenty-two members of the Redfield community were present at the first public Focus Group. Those present took part in a 'World Cafe' process by breaking up into small groups and listing the current positive things about Redfield. After the positive things were listed, each table brainstormed on things that would improve the Redfield community even more.

Some of the positives that were listed included the "close-knit community aspect of Redfield," "that it is a safe environment for children to play," the access to a healthcare system, an "excellent sheriff's department," the Arts Council and Concert Association, the city park and Hav-A-Rest, the Park and Recreation programs, the Redfield Lake, the new school that is currently being built, the Ethanol plant, and the city services and street cleaning.

One of the improvement ideas brought up at the meeting multiple times was the desire of Redfield residents to have a community center that would include workout rooms and an indoor pool while providing space to hold wedding receptions, conventions and other meetings. Other improvement ideas included upgrades to current recreational facilities, an indoor theater, more restaurant options such as a steak house or an Italian restaurant or a "healthy Redfield restaurant with homegrown food."  Those in attendance also brought up the desire for more community events such as a parade of lights or local pheasant festival, the need for youth involvement in the progress of Redfield and the idea of possibly bringing in a new industry such as a distillery.

The next public Focus Group will be held on June 5, 2017. All Redfield area residents are invited to attend the meeting and share ideas for the betterment of the community. Lisa Zens of Grow Spink can be contacted at 605-450-0715 for details on the next public Focus Group.

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