Commissioners talk burn restrictions, cattle seizure

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During their Tuesday, July 11 meeting, Spink county commissioners discussed the success of the ongoing burn restrictions and watched drone footage of the seizure of Rex Spear's cattle.

Commissioners met with Emergency Manager Larry Tebben, who explained the community's confusion on what the burn restrictions include. "You're trying to make an ordinance for the 3% of the people that aren't going to pay any attention to you anyway," said commissioner Jeff Albrecht.

Tebben elaborated on the restrictions, stressing that fire pits must be covered and controlled burns require permits.

Commissioners decided against removing the ban.

Sheriff Kevin Schurch also made an appearance, presenting the commissioners with drone footage of the cattle being taken from Rex Spear's property. The footage showed dry, grassless land with a small mud puddle as a water source. The cattle were moved to a 4.6 acre plot after Spear was notified of the coming seizure. All Spink county resources were used in the move, and all cattle survived transportation.

"I expect this to be ugly and I'm sure there'll be attorneys involved. I consulted with Vic [Vic Fischbach, States Attorney] throughout the process and I think we've done everything right and humanely and with respect for him. We've given him all the chances in the world," said Schurch.

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