Coming together while remaining apart

Fun quarantine activities for families

Coming together while remaining apart

Fun quarantine activities for families

Bear Hunt

Neighborhoods across the country have been taking part in a new trend called “bear hunting” that has spread from city to city as lockdown and quarantine guidelines become more stringent, children are no longer in school, and more employees work from home. The new phenomenon simply requires placing a stuffed teddy bear or other animal in your window. Families out for walks with young children can hunt for bears by spotting them and writing down how many they find. Even adults enjoy seeing the cheery bears in the windows. Redfield is now taking part in the bear hunt as well, and anyone who has a stuffed animal is welcome to take part.

Window Scrabble

To take part in community window scrabble, put letters in your window. When out on a walk, see how many words you can create from the letters you find in the windows of homes and businesses in the community. You can also take pictures of the letters you find and share them on the Redfield Press’s Facebook or email to [email protected] Tell us the words you have created when you send the photos. Whoever has the longest word will receive a prize!

Hearts for Healthcare

Put a heart in your window to show support for our local healthcare providers. You can even write #world of hearts on your paper hearts to take part in the worldwide movement of showing support for one another during quarantine.

See how many hearts you can find! This has already started to take off in the community as well.

Stained Glass Windows

Homemade stained glass windows are a beautiful touch to homes during this time.To make washable paint, use one cup each of flour, water and dish soap. Color to your liking with food coloring. Using tape, make shapes on your window, and use your paint to color them in, creating a stained-glass look. Remove the tape afterwards. (Craft paint from Dollar General can also be used in place of homemade paint.) Several in the community have already started making these windows to spread the cheer as church services are cancelled through Easter.


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