Attention Spink County Citizens: Scam Alert

Scammer calls continue to be a growing problem.  The Spink County Sheriff’s Office receives several reports a week.  The scammer typically targets more venerable individuals like the elderly but anyone can become a victim.

Scammers often call and claim to be your grandchild or other family member and need your help.  They ask for money and request either you provide them with your credit card number, checking account routing number, or ask you to purchase Apple cards or prepay credit cards.  Please do not provide any of this to the scammer.  Hang up and call the Sheriff’s Office.  If you do provide the scammer with this information there is little we can do.  We will not be able to get your money back.

Another scam shuts your computer down and charges you to get it started again.  If you open your computer and there’s a message telling you to call a number immediately to start it up again.  DO NOT call the number.  Again, call the Sheriff’s Office and report the incident.  Never give someone remote access to your computer that you do not know.

Scammers have also made calls claiming to be from the IRS and say you owe them thousands of dollars.  The IRS will not call you by phone if they are trying to make contact with you.  The IRS will send you notice by mail. 

The last one we have encountered is a scammer calling and claiming you have a warrant for your arrest and you need to pay immediately or you will be arrested.  The Spink County Sheriff’s Office will never request you to make payment for a warrant over the phone.  We will either come and talk to you in person or call you and have you come to the office and take care of the matter. 

Again, DO NOT provide personal information to anyone over the phone or online.

Deputy Jenna Appel 

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